Content Marketing Psychology: How to Get More People Sharing Your Content

Marketing is the key component of any business. When it comes to the digital playground, content becomes the king and thus, content marketing is something that every online business owner deals with. Be it telling about your services and products or selling those online, content plays an important role in getting more and more customers.

How can Content help you become the King?

Content is the tool by which a firm can target the emotions of the consumer. The content can persuade the people visiting your website to buy from it, or to avail your services. Content, if used wisely, can bring down marketing expenses by a huge amount as good content will automatically lead to good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and people will organically access your site, says a report from a well-known provider of Digital Marketing Services.

Furthermore, the advent of Social Media has played a pivotal role, as people can now share your content in their own networks and give you more and more visitors. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, VK, newsheater etc. are full of pages about products and services and companies are trying their best to interact with the users on these platforms. The firms’ whose content is found interesting can be seen trending on the social handles and this definitely is one of the best and the cheapest digital marketing solutions available to the firms.

How can you make people share your content? randygoodwin

After doing some in-depth studies and collaborating with a popular SEO Services Company, we have found the conclusion that emotional messages delivered through content leave a deeper mark on the consumers rather than using promotional messages. So, making people feel connected with the content is the way you can make people share your content over the internet.

But you may ask how? Well, we have identified the five key emotions that must be targeted in your content so that more and more people share your content.


    • Amusement: People love to share jokes and funny incidents with their friends and relatives. This is true when it comes to content too. If you can create a funny infographic related to your business or can come up with a comic ad for your brand, then that type of content is more likely to be shared in the social circle.


    • Happiness: Positive news is something which brings a smile to the face of everyone. Marketers must create content that can show the brighter side of things. A content that tells about benefits and advantages are more likely to be shared by the people.


    • Surprise: It is globally accepted that humans love surprises techsifts (sometimes they hate it too). Surprising your audience by giving them something they didn’t expect while clicking on your link will surely hold their attention. Such a content will be definitely shared over the social media and give you the much needed exposure.


  • Interest: Make money, become rich, get something for free, such lines immediately invoke the interest of the people. Content that can tell people what they’ll be gaining from the product or the service is a great way to make people share your content. Make sure the content focusses on what they get and not on what they have to pay to get it. optoki


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