Types of Pocket Folders and Their Benefits

Knowing the type of design or the purpose in creating a folder is important in forbixindia embarking folder printing. It can be done with custom pockets and custom sizes depending on its usage. There are several kinds of pocket folders. Continue reading the article to learn about the types of folders and their advantages.

Standard pocket folder

Standard pocket folders are usually made of a thick cardboard. Some have paper folded in the center. This is a typical folder that you usually see in the business section of your local stationary stores. However, rsmelati the uniqueness of the this type of folder is that you can put in additional pockets in order to sort more necessary paperwork or files. The standard design normally comes with two pockets. It can store standard size paper or other smaller sized files. There are also colored folders with the same structure which are frequently used for press releases, business presentations, reports etc.

Common Pocket Folders

Another type of folder is called the common pocket folder. This is almost similar to the standard pocket folder. However it provides more spaces to store more files, documents and other important things that need to be stored. These are normally used as public relation kits, press kits as well as file reading materials needed during presentations. They are very beneficial to those who need to store important files in a neat manner. They are often used for business cards, brochures, reports, fliers and such. pocketlegals

There are other pocket folders with improved pockets, rounded and clipped. The pockets are shaped differently. The pockets can be clipped, rounded or be different in size. There are folders where pockets come with slits making it easier for you to easily slide the documents inside. These are usually used in storing various files like folders such as custom sized reports, booklets, brochures, modified flyers and so on.

Special Custom Folder

Folder printing can be costly due to the expensive material needed in printing. Special custom folder is the most ingeniously created folder among other types of presentation folder. They come in several pockets, folds and sizes. It can accommodate legal papers, letter papers or smaller half sizes used especially for important presentation. They come with different folds such as fate folds, center folds, ienlarge three folds etc. Even the pockets come in different shapes and sizes. Most special customer folder has locks to secure the files inside.


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