Document Checklist for Buying a Flat in a Housing Society

Buying a property is one of the key decisions that you will make in your life. It is important that you research not only about the developer and the project, but also the documents needed for buying a house. In this article, charteracatamaraninthebvi we will look into the documents needed for buying a flat in a housing society.

Do a background check on the housing society

Before purchasing the flat, perform do a background check on the genuineness of the society. Speak to the residents of the housing society and get a clear idea of how the society is to live in, and ask them if they are facing any problems. bostonhaikusociety

Who can register an apartment complex as a housing society?

A flat can be registered as a housing society by a promoter. The promoter can either be the builder, or in case the builder does not take up this role, it can be you, the resident of the housing society.

Documents needed when buying a flat in a housing society

The documents needed to buy a flat in a housing society are different in each of the states in India. The list below mentions the important documents that every cosmedclinic state would ask when buying a flat.

· Ask for a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the seller. This certificate is proof that the seller has no objection in transferring the share certificate to you.

· A resident of the society will have shares of the society that he lives in. When you buy the flat, you should transfer the shares from the previous owner to you. After the transfer of shares, you will receive the original share certificate of the society.

· You must also receive a No Dues Certificate from the society, which is given after all dues are cleared by the seller of the flat.

· You must also check the by-laws of the society and the lease deed of the society before making the purchase.

· The seller will also give you the society’s certificate of title, which will be given by an advocate to the seller, as well as a copy of the approved plan.

· As a buyer, you must also check the latest receipt of the out goings that the seller has made to the society. Ensure that all dues have been paid by the seller before transferring the property to you.

· You should check that the property has not been mortgaged to a third party.

· The seller should also give you an occupation certificate given by the municipality.

· You must also get a transfer permission document from the society.

· If there have been owners of the flat before the seller, namibia you should receive the original stamped receipts of payment from the current and previous owners.


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