Aero Pilates – An Exercise in Balance

Pilates is a method of exercise and physical movement designed to stretch, strengthen and balance the body. They are very popular in Canada, tossncook Europe and Pan-Asia. With systematic practice of exercise focused with breathing patterns, it has proven invaluable to fitness endeavor, professional sports training and physical rehabilitation of all kinds.

Aero pilates adds all the benefits of cardio-vascular fitness to your pilates workout. With Aero pilates, you can reach and maintain your target heart rate effectively. It is a personal total body machine for low impact moves and high impact results.

The Aero Pilate line up is as:

1.Reformer: This gives you a total body health club and quality workout in the comfort of your home. It is for low impact moves and high impact results. It is designed to support 32 pilates resistance moves in greater comfort and with better form, alignment and control.

2.Metal Machine: This method of body conditioning focuses mainly on building a healthy, injury free body by encouraging controlled and concentrated movement.

3. Cardio Rebounder: This combines the popular trampoline moves with a pilates reformer workout in a supine position that increases the cardiovascular. It provides workout easy on joints. It effectively reaches your target heart rate.

4. Pro XP 555: It takes the hoodpay traditional wood frame that one desires in an affordable home pilates reformer and has in addition the free form cardior ebounder for a low impact cardio workout.This stylish looking reformer which takes the traditional pilates workout to next level.

5.Stamina Aero pilates Pro XP 555: this high impact machine includes:

Level one pilates workout video, 20 minutes Cardio workout video. It comes with adjustable ropes, straps and handgrips to fit any user.Heavy duty steel frame construction along with easy storage as it has fold down feature.

6.Elevated Aero pilates Pro: This is an ideal choice for professionals. It is an ultimate Pilate machine. It addition to the standard features of the pilates reformer, premier and JP performer, it includes the low impact cardio workout Free Form Cardio Rebounder.

Aero pilates cardio workout DVDS and video’s are also available. This program focuses on high-energy intermediate moves. DVDs are available for pilates workout level 1, Level 2, Level 3, upper body workout DVDs, lower body workout DVDs. As you follow along with Aero pilates workout video you can experience a gentle stretch and also strengthen your arms, legs, back, neck, shoulders, panasiabiz abdominals and torso. As you workout the chest expands for deeper breathing and leaves you with energized and centered feeling.


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