How To Build a Wardrobe

Renovating houses and home improvement projects are a very popular way to spend the weekends. With money being tight these days most home owners are choosing to put on the tool belt and get into the DYI method of renovating.

If you fancy yourself a bit handy, coffee tables this is a great way to modernize your house and not have an expensive builder’s bill to pay at the end. For all those renovators out there who are thinking about how to tackle the bedroom, I thought I’d put together a step by step guide on “How To Build a Wardrobe”.

Even if you’re not the most talented Mr Fix-it in the world you will soon pick up the skills. Since you’re not paying yourself by the hour there is no need to rush, just take your time and you’ll get the job done.

The over all wardrobe size will be 2100high x 1200wide x 600deep (82.67in x 47.24in x 23.62in).

The wardrobe that we’re making today will have swinging doors on concealed hinges, this is the easiest way to apply doors to this type of cupboard. You can use the cutting list below to cut your cupboard from scratch. Parguruan tinggi

Colour board = 16mm (0.62 in) thick MDF (this can come paintable or pre-finished melamine)

Seen Gables 2 @ 2100 x 600 (82.67 in x 23.62 in)

Doors 2 @ 2000 x 581 (78.74 in x 22.87 in)

Kick Face 1 @ 1164 x 100 (45.82 in x 3.93 in)

Carcass = 16mm (0.62 in) thick white hmr with edge strip to seen edges.

Gables 2 @ 2000 x 555 (78.74 in x 21.85 in)

Top and Bot 2 @ 1136 x 555 (44.72 in x 21.85 in)

Shelf 1 @ 1136 x 555 (44.72 in x 21.85 in)

Back 1 @ 2000 x 1136 (78.74 in x 44.72 in)


    • Position the top in line with the very end of the gable at 90. Locate the screws in the holes through the face of the gable. Screw the top to the gable. tiernahrung-friebe


    • Position the bottom at the opposite end of the gable. Screw the bottom to the gable.


    • Position the shelf 1684 mm (or at desired height, this space is going to be hanging space) up from the bottom. Screw the shelf to the gable.


    • Screw the other gable to the top, bottom and shelf.


  • Flip cupboard over so it’s face down, Dank carts place the back on so it’s face down over the carcass. Line the short edge of the back so it’s flush with the bottom face of the bottom. Screw the back to the bottom. Line up the long edge so it’s flush with the gable. Screw the back to the gable along the long edge. Continue screwing the back to the cabinet around the perimeter of the back and also fix screws into the shelf.


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